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 Trade Confirmation Rules

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PostSubject: Trade Confirmation Rules   Sun Aug 12, 2012 2:20 am

1) Post all trade with the players stats.

2) State what team is recieving what player.

3) State what draft pick with team is recieving from what team and what year.

How Confirmations Will Work:

- After a trade is posted the board of admins will review the trades and state if the are accepting the transaction or declining the transaction.
- If they are declining the transaction they must state why so the general managers have a chance to re-work the trade.

How Franchise Player Trades Work:

- Post just like a regular transaction but state why you are trading your franchise players, and state why you feel you are gaining a strong return for your player.
- If you are aquiring the franchise player state why you were wanting to aquire that player and state why you are giving up what you are giving up.
- The board will review the teams season plans and make their decisions off of that.
- Decision will be strict.

How 3/4 Team Trades will Work:

- If you wish to make a transaction of this size please post it like this:
Player (From )
Player (From )
Pick (From )
- This makes it easier for us admins to accept or decline your transactions.
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Trade Confirmation Rules
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