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 The Major Announcement

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PostSubject: The Major Announcement   Tue Aug 14, 2012 8:10 pm

1) The League is Opening

2) League will be done by tommorow night

3) You will be allowed to start picking teams at 7am thursday morning if thats too early for people I will change it to 5pm thursday

4) Trade block/confirmation will open either 7am friday morning or when we have 20 people

5) UFA will open Friday at 5pm eastern time and will close 7pm sunday night

6) Monday will be a day off for people to prep after they see who they signed.

7) Tuesday pre season will be simmed

Cool Regular season to be announced over the course of the weekend

PS Admins and other jobs will be decided tommorow into thursday (thursday is admin and co-immer wed is the rest)
also Admins who are chosen if I am not online at the opening times please unlock the topics for me

Hope you enjoy guys don't forget to promote and love it
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The Major Announcement
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